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CDML-USonos: Mini-Linear Ultrasound Scanner

CDML-USono: Mini-Linear Ultrasound Scanner

Type: Mini-linear l Color Doppler

Number of elements: 128

Frequency range: 10MHz – 14 MHz

Depth: 25 mm – 55 mm

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x CDML-USono: Mini-Linear Ultrasound Scanner
  • 1 × USB Charger

$2,535.00 $3,650.00

CDML-USono Mini-Linear Ultrasound Scanner

The CDML-USonos is a Mini-Linear Ultrasound Scanner with a frequency that ranges between 10 – 14 MHz and a number of 128 Elements. Along with the needle-guide feature, these specifications work hand in hand in order to provide a flexible surface scanning with a clear image, allowing the doctor to conduct an easy and accurate diagnostic ultrasound imaging and guided needle injections.



Specifications of the CDML-USonos:

CDmL-NG Mini-Linear Ultrasound Scanner
Frequency 10 MHz / 12 MHz / 14 MHz
Number of elements 128
Depth 20mm – 55mm (Adjustable)
Display mode B, B/M.
Image gray scale 256 level
Measurement Length, Area, Angle, Obstetrics
Image frame rate 12 frames / second
Battery working time 3 hours (Scan mode) l 6 hours (freeze mode)
Power Rechargable built-in (and replaceable) battery
Needle guide For PICC/CVC
Dimensions 156 × 60 × 20mm
Wi-Fi type 802.11g/20MHz/2.4G/54Mbps 
Weight 250g
Operating systems iOS and Android (Smartphones + Tablets)




CD3-USono Color Doppler 3 in 1 Ultrasound Scanner devices


Scan results of the Mini-Linear Ultrasound Scanner CDML-USonos:

  • Mini-Linear Ultrasound Scanner CDML-USono


  • FDA
  • CE
  • ISO13485

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