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Hand Rehab Gloves: Urehab-HS

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Size: 16.2X8.56X4.38cm

Voltage: Type-c 5V2A

Power Consumption:12W

Battery Volume: 3200AMH

Adjustable treating time: 5~60 minutes

Unique: Able to Wrapped on Arm or Carried by Shoulder

Training modes: Mirror therapy, flexion & extension, Robotic Assisted..

Certifications: FDA, CE, ISO13485

What’s in the box?

  • 1 device 
  • 1 single recovery glove (for the hand which needs rehabilitation training)
  • 1 single mirror glove ( for the healthy hand)
  • 1 strap for being carried by shoulder
  • 1 x Qualified Certification

$999.00 $1,600.00

Are You or People Around You Troubled by One of Followed So Much?
– Can’t get stuff alone?
– Unable to eat and drink alone?
Hand Dysfunctions Due To Brain Injury?
– Unable to dress alone?
– Unable to read or watch phone by yourself/ himself/ herself?

The Hand Rehab Gloves Urehab-HS is specifically designed for stroke patients to do rehabilitation exercise. With compact size and innovative design, allows small control machine fixed on arm or carried by shoulder, so that patients could do hand function exercise anywhere conveniently in daily life. With assist of safe pneumatic bionic glove robot, patients can grip and release objects, which can reducing hands stiffness and spasm, to help them rebuild hand function.

Urehab-HS can be applied not only for fingers, hand and wrist stiffness, but also for :

  • Hand Hemiplegia After Stroke
  • Hand Rehabilitation Of Children With Cerebral Palsy
  • Hand Recovery After Spinal Injury
  • Hand Nerve Recovery Training
  • Hand Spasm Paralysis
  • Orthopedic hand Rhabilitation


Five Main Function

1. Mirror therapy:

The healthy hand drives the affected hand, the hands move synchronously , ativate the mirror neuron. The normal hand motor nerve pathway was copied to the affected hand, and promote the recovery of brain autonomy.

2. Single Finger Training:

Allow the patient to choose single finger training

3. Cycle Training For Each Finger In Turn:

Innovative technology to train each finger one by one, significantly improving the rehabilitation effect.

4. Five Finger Training:

Intelligent imitate of hand grasp and extension, improve hand spasm, stiffness.

5. Passive Training:

Using flexible pneumatic bionic muscles as a power source, the machine drives hand to exercise; It can set the flexion and extension time individually according to the level of muscle tension.


  1. This product helps finger joints flexion and extension by wearing power recovery glove, gradual increasing in joint mobility at regular intervals. Preventing joint contracture or stiffness as well as tendon adhesion muscle disuse atrophy also preventing reducing edema and numbness.
  2. Meanwhile through the active training and mirror training to build a right exercise pattern. And through the neural reflex eye-hand response, proprioceptive perception to enhanced the flexibility and coordinate of the training. Maintaining the normal blood circulation and metabolism/promote hand function recovery.


  1. Portable device , can be tied at arm , can be wearing cross body also the waist.
  2. Two kinds of treating modes (Automatic Mode/Mirror Mode) ;
  3. 1-9 grades gradient design of extension& flexion Time (The appropriate extension & flexion time can be adjusted freely according to the user);
  4. Working time is adjustable from 5-60 minutes;
  5. Manual mode settings (Mirror Mode) with the mirror working theory the healthy  hand  drives  affected  hand, nerves, brains and muscles  are learning at the same time. The healthy hand drives the affected hand, the hands move synchronously, activate  the  mirror neuron. The  normal hand motor nerve pathway was copied to the affected hand, and promote the recovery of brain autonomy.
  6. Automatic mode setting: The automatic mode can adjust the extension and flexion time according to the user’s use feeling  to achieve functions such as grasping training etc.



FDA, CE , ISO13485

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  1. Vasile M

    I ordered this glove. very efficient in recovery
    I recommend it

    Vasile M

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